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5 reasons why Mahiaddin’s “National Recovery Plan” is an epic fail

5 reasons why Mahiaddin’s “National Recovery Plan” (NRP) is an epic fail:

1. It should’ve been drawn up at the very start of the pandemic, not almost 1.5 years later! 

This shows just how unprepared and unwilling Mahiaddin and PN have been in responding to crisis. Mahiaddin’s government has shown that it is a government only capable of reacting to things as they unfold, not one that anticipates and prevents from the onset.

2. It does not actually outline how Malaysia can recover from Covid-19

Mahiaddin’s so-called plan merely offers technical guidelines on:
(a) how to move from one phase to another and
(b) the extent to which different sectors can open at each stage

This isn’t even a proper exit plan for Covid-19, let alone a roadmap for national recovery!

3. Mahiaddin failed to explain why PN has utterly failed at containing the pandemic despite declaring emergency in January

Covid-19 cases have only worsened during the emergency, with May being the deadliest month for the country since the pandemic began! How can Malaysia possibly recover if the PN government won’t even stop to reflect where it went wrong in managing the pandemic or how it can do better?

4. The NRP is marred by PN’s shameless refusal to immediately reconvene Parliament and the various State Assemblies

This is despite the fact that the King has expressly stated that Parliament should be reconvened ASAP. Yet, PN shows no regard for what the King has said and no urgency in acting upon it.

5. Mahiaddin’s plans have an undeniable track record of constantly changing, flip-flopping, and U-turning

The only consistency is that there is no consistency at all, nor is there a real end-goal in mind. How can Malaysians be sure that the NRP won’t be subjected to the usual last minute changes and reversals that now characterize PN’s failed governance?

Failing to plan is planning to fail! If PN still hasn’t learnt any lessons from the past 15 months of the pandemic, when will it ever learn?

This article was written based on Lim Kit Siang’s statement dated 16th June 2021.

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