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1Malaysia, 1TwitterJaya: Not political. Really.

 The 1Malaysia logo is not a political logo. Please trust the Prime Minister. He knows best. If he says the logo is not political, who are we to argue? He was the one who coined up the idea in the first, not some Israeli company looking to make a profit from a failing government. Not them, Najib did. So he must know whether or not the logo is political.

Trust him we shall. Which is why we must never question the presence of said logo during the UMNO General Assembly. We must also not question its relevance when used on a police van or by the Election Commission. The logo is purely ‘Malaysian’ says Najib Razak. It has nothing to do with politics.

This is of course pure bull crap. Or bullshit. Whichever term my editor fancies.

Ever heard the joke about bullshit?

There once was a bird, let’s assume said bird was a pheasant, who is good friends with a bull. Or a cow. Okay, let’s assume its a cow. The comedy is unavoidable. So the pheasant was one day whining about it not being able to fly high. ‘I want to reach the tree tops. But poor me, I’m a pheasant. No matter how hard I flap, I won’t be able to fly,’ said the bird.

‘Here. Eat my faeces. They’re packed with nutrients. They ought to give you much needed energy for you to flap harder, and get you up there,’ says the cow. The bird agrees.

Nibble nibble nibble.. The pile of crap is gone. ‘I do feel stronger,’ says the bird, flapping its wings. Lo and behold, it gets him off the ground. ‘Holy crap!’ exclaims the pheasant.

This is repeated for a duration of three weeks, and the bird keeps flying higher and higher.

At long last, the pheasant gets enough strength to finally make it to the top. Along comes a hunter who notices this shrieking plump bird perched on a high branch and shoots the bird and it drops dead.

Moral of the story? Bullshit can get you to the top. But it sure can’t make you stay there for long.

Saying that the 1Malaysia logo is not political is just phenomenally hilarious. It’s like saying that the DAP’s rocket logo and the PAS moon icon has nothing to do with politics, but is a symbol of the national space exploration programme. How can a public relations campaign logo not be political? How stupid do you think people are, dear Prime Minister?

It was reported yesterday that the government of Barisan Nasional insists that controlled products carry the 1Malaysia logo, lest they not be subsidized by the government following the expected rise in prices of goods. By displaying the logo on the packaging, things will be cheaper; so they say.

Indirectly, it is possible to say that everything that carries the 1Malaysia logo will be cheap. You mean including the BN politicians wearing the logo on their lapels?

The 1Malaysia logo has become the ultimate symbol of the scams perpetrated by the Barisan Nasional government upon Malaysians. MP for PJ Utara Tony Pua today said the government has not reported RM96.9 billion in loans it has guaranteed as public debt, which pushes the amount of federal loans above the 55 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) allowed by law.

With that in mind, ask yourself this: the one-off handouts the government is currently dishing out, where does the money come from, with the national debt apparently sky-rocketing?

What new scam will the government impose in order to get money to reimburse themselves, having spent the money they did not have?

Perhaps they could use the 1Care scheme? Well… Isn’t that a good idea? -The Rocket

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