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10 things your government doesnt want you to know

1. That the National Debt is nearing its ceiling limit 

There is a piece of legislation that limits the government from incurring too much debt. When it was pointed out to the Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin that we are 2% short of the debt ceiling, his response was “don’t worry, it’s not critical”.

2. Who killed Teoh Beng Hock (and others) 

A number of people have died under the rule of the BN regime, their names have been repeated ad nauseam. Their deaths are yet to be explained; and the persons responsible are yet to be properly brought to justice. These acts deserve justice to be done and action to be taken to prevent similar tragedies.



3. Why was Altantuya murdered 

She was beautiful, she was multi-lingual. She got caught in a web of deceit surrounding the purchase of submarines. She made someone jealous and angry. She was C4-ed to death. Who gave out the order? What was the motive?

4. What is gerrymandering

You live in Bukit Jalil, but the electoral roll says you vote in Lembah Pantai. In what world is Bukit Jalil a part of Lembah Pantai? Answer: In the BN controlled Election Commission’s map.

5. The Lingam judge fixing scandal

Correct! correct! correct! Or is it just plain wrong? What happened to the judge-fixing fiasco? Is this the standard judicial practice of our courts? What was the outcome of the inquiry?


6. Lynas has a 12 year tax holiday 

Lynas recycles rare earth from earth that came out of Australia. It is given an unusual 12 year tax holiday; which means it has to pay nothing to the government’s coffers for as a child needs to grow up in order to sit for UPSR examinations.

7. The decades old PATI problem & the Sabah riots 

What Sabah riots? You mean there was a riot I didn’t know of? Exactly! You can google it: The Silent Riot. Seriously, google it. And while you’re at it, find out why most Sabahans are not Sabah-born anymore, but illegal immigrants (PATI).



8. That UMNO was declared illegal

On the cover of the current UMNO party constitution, the word ‘BARU’ is written in a bracket, with light coloured font. It is not the UMNO that was born way back when Malaya was under British occupation. This is Mahathir’s UMNO, born again after he caused it to be deregistered be declared illegal by the courts.

9. That UMNO stripped the Malay Rulers of their powers 

‘Eh? I thought UMNO loves the Malay Rulers’. That’s what you think. The United Malays National Organisation was the sole political party that was and still is responsible for stripping away the powers and special rights of the Malay rulers in 1993.

10. Who was responsible for May 13th, Memali etc.

Go on… Take a wild guess.

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